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Books Working Title:The Adventures of Cannaman Marcus Quincy and The Golden Flower

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This is the remarkable story of how a Human Being became the super hero known to many as Cannaman. Yes, this is definitely the story of Cannaman! However, to tell is story you first need to know about the Human he was and the passion that would transform his intire life and that of countless others. But before we go there we must first begin this story back in the late 1900s. This is when tthe United Staes made Cannabis illegal mainly due to a lack of knowledge about the healing properties of the plant. Just know that things were a lot different in those days. For instance, alcohol and assault rifles were legal and often  ​sold at the same store, but herb was prohited. Crazy times I know. Fast forwrd to present day were we meet the farmer, father, grower, and scientist this story is about. The man who actually saves mankind with the lessons the cannabis taught him. And oh, by the way, what a surprise he is Black, meaning Hueman. His name was Marcus Quincy, and this The Adventures of Cannaman: Marcus Quincy and the Golden Flower.

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