In between A Rock and a Hard place

Good be place to start out. There are varieties of plants which thrive right here. These plants grow without what is essential for others- rich soil and inadequate water. In these areas of poor resources they flourish. You may feel you lack the space, time, or resources. Without an abundance of these things some live fully and create. Like those plants that somehow live where most would wither. You are like that seed sown in an adverse place. This dose not have to be the end of the stort for you writing project. Where you are feeling a lot of lack in your life, there is plenty to write about. Writing about this area of your life- how it feels, or how it could be better, or how you might change your mind to see things differently- appreciating what gifts are inside. Writing about what you would do if the thought of lack were removed. Sheding the light of awareness on these lackful thoughts may photosynthesize them into food. And somehow, that lack is no longer lack, but it is transformed into abundance for you..