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Self-publishing with IngramSpark

In this Self-publishing with IngramSpark class, you will learn how to utilize oft-overlooked publishing tools and reduce the stress associated with a self-publishing project. Following the steps outlined in this class will increase the likelihood of successfully publishing and distributing your book on the IngramSpark platform. For me, these nuggets have helped me to publish my books successfully.  In fact, you will get to follow me as I publish (upload) my own title to IngramSpark for global distribution.

Who is this class for:

This class is for anyone looking to take their writing to the public by publishing it in the form of a print and ebook. When I decided to publish my first book, ‘Lil Phyllis Loves to Laff’,  I know very little about what was needed as far as actually writing, publishing, and distributing a book. I just wanted to make my book. If you are in the same shoes, this class is for you. Whether you are just starting out, are in the middle of a book build process, or have even published a book on KDP or elsewhere before this there are resources in this class that will benefit you. You will make it to the finish line if you choose to do these important things I will cover in this class.

What will you learn about:

In this class, you will learn about book publishing and distribution with IngramSpark. You will be furnished with thorough knowledge about publishing your book independently. Many of us do not have awareness of the need for these things until the very moment the tools become necessary to continue. Energy can be better utilized by committing some time to learning about these tools now. 

How what is shared can benefit you:

This class covers how to hire an editor and publish your completed writings. The knowledge you gain will help save your money and energy throughout the process of writing, editing, revising and designing of your book. There are firms that make money off the knowledge gap of creative people. Taking this class will help conserve your resources. Before you put out money on cover designers, marketers, writing workshops, coaches, etc. Take a moment to lay out the path that your book must travel to have it published and distributed world wide.


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